Originally from Smithfield, Utah, Diann wrote her first story at the age of five and never stopped writing. She taught herself to type on her father’s ancient manual typewriter at the age of six because it was faster than pushing a pencil.

After winning the Utah League of Writers’ Contest for Young Writers, junior high division at the age of fourteen–with a 46-page tale about an American Indian boy and his horse–she began her first novel, based on the Arthurian legends. That endeavor filled most of her high school years and freshman year of college. Then a handful of friends introduced her to science fiction by kidnapping her to see some obscure little movie called STAR WARS. Hooked, she dove in headlong.

GANWOLD’S CHILD, her first SF novel, took seven years and countless revisions to complete, due to entering the US Air Force. Following a year-long tour of duty in the Republic of Korea, Diann completed GANWOLD while stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. The sequels, ECHOES OF ISSEL and DOMINION’S REACH, also were written in Ohio.

Diann transitioned into the Air force Reserves following Desert Storm, but her military career spanned 23 years and included deployments to Bosnia and Iraq. In December 2000 she married Jon Read, NASA “rocket scientist” and martial artist, and moved to Texas.

Diann retired from the Air Force in June 2009 to return to her writing career. She is now working a young adult military space adventure series called THE SEVENTH SHAMAN.


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