Going AWOL

Well, not AWOL, exactly. It’s a legit leave of absence. I’ve got a lot of work to do elsewhere, writing the first draft of SHAMAN RISING, book 3 in the SEVENTH SHAMAN series. I’m also working WRESTLING WITH THE GODS (book 2) through the revision process, and developing the marketing plan for the February 2014 release of book 1, RUNNING FROM THE GODS. As part of that process, both my website and this blog will undergo major upgrades. I’ll keep you posted as progress is made. Meanwhile, you can follow me on Twitter at @DiannTRead

Happy writing, all!


About diannread

I'm a 23-year USAF veteran, wife of a NASA rocket scientist and martial artist, "mom" of four crazy cats, and author of military science fiction and YA military space fantasy. Yep, it's a wild ride! Dare to get aboard?
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2 Responses to Going AWOL

  1. You’ll be missed, while you’re writing like mad—good luck with all of it!

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