The Covenant of Paul Yoder

Today I have the pleasure of introducing another Author friend’s new book. The Covenant by Paul Yoder will be released this weekend!


The Covenant is the story of a college professor who becomes suspicious that a fellow professor is a kidnapper. Following his colleague after work one day, the protagonist’s suspicions are confirmed, and he becomes swept up in pursuing the other man, following him to an underground religious sect’s den, which is a large renovated 1940s bomb shelter.

In his attempt to rescue the kidnap victim, the protagonist, Dr. Carver, runs into all sorts of trouble, dealing with possessed zealots, and trapped and tortured animals that the cult keeps caged down in its cultist den.

The reader follows Dr. Carver as he tries to escape the zealot’s base along with kidnapped children he finds there. Throughout the story, Dr. Carver is questioned by both the zealots and the kids themselves about religious issues, and this English professor has to figure out how to address these points.

Paul describes how The Covenant came to be. “I actually wrote a short story (the foundation story for what would later become “Tome of Victims”) for a grad school application. The program only accepted 10 students per year, and I didn’t get in, so I had this pretty good short story on my hands. I worked it into a novella length story and saw potential in perhaps making it the beginnings of a series. After publishing “Tome of Victims” earlier this year, I made a goal to publish the first novel-length book in the series before the year was through. I wrote it in half that time (a little less than three months to be exact). I really got taken up with the story I guess.”

ImagePaul knew from the age of fifteen that he wanted to be a writer. “I was dissuaded a bit by adults who told me that writing wouldn’t get me anywhere in life,” he says, “and it took me quite a few years to find my confidence and really start writing seriously. I’m finally getting some books out into the world, and though it’s been tough, financially, emotionally, and have tested both my dedication and ego, I’m slowly building up a penned library of books, from “City of Town” to “Tome of Victims” to “The Covenant,” and I already have another book done (unpublished currently) in a new series that I’ll be writing.

“I hope to reach a lot of people out there with my writing. Growing up, reading shaped who I am today. It helped me to become a better person: more understanding, patient, and thoughtful. What precious gifts books can bestow us with. If I can provide that to others, my goal will have been achieved.”

The Covenant is part of an ongoing series. The first book in the series is a novella called Tome of Victims, which is also available on


The Covenant by Paul Yoder can be purchased on Amazon for $2.99. Click here for a link to the purchase page.


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2 Responses to The Covenant of Paul Yoder

  1. Paul Yoder says:

    Really appreciate the shout-out! It was a lot of hard work to get this book out in such a short amount of time, and I hope people like the book. Anyways, if anyone has any questions for me, ask away. I do my best to answer.

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