Enjoy Today . . . Before It Slips Away

This is the title of a sweet short story about a little girl’s desire to grow up. Penned by Stacy J. Coles a few months after losing her mother to cancer, the story contains a touching but profound message about the power of “now” and the treasure of every moment.


My own mother often urged me not to grow up too fast but to enjoy my childhood and youth while I had it, so Stacy’s story touched a very resonant note for me. It brought to mind long summer days playing up and down the neighborhood with my friends when I was small, and riding my horse through the foothills with other friends during my teens. I remember high points besides the usual ones like graduations, probably because my mother taught me to relish the moments. I remember early morning horseback rides into the hills with my Dad, and hauling hay and sprinkler pipes and hoeing a long row of beans before breakfast. Not fun at the time, but I didn’t know then just how good I had it. I remember the rugged tree house in the big old apple tree at the far end of the hay field. Swinging on the rope from the barn rafters with my cousins. Floating down the irrigation canals on inner tubes. Yes, all those unsafe things that Child Protective Services would have fits about today! Not only did we survive, but we had a lot of laughs and made a lot of memories.

So I thank Stacy for her story, “Enjoy Today . . . Before It Slips Away.” I highly recommend it as a Mother’s Day gift for your mom, your grandmother, your sisters, your wife, or your daughters.

ImageIt’s available now, in paperback, on Amazon at  http://www.amazon.com/Enjoy-Today-Before-It-Slips-Away/dp/1466400056/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366810322&sr=8-1&keywords=Enjoy+Today+…+Before+It+Slips+Away

and from Barnes & Noble at  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/enjoy-todaybefore-it-slips-away-stacy-j-coles/1110279546?ean=9781466400054  


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I'm a 23-year USAF veteran, wife of a NASA rocket scientist and martial artist, "mom" of four crazy cats, and author of military science fiction and YA military space fantasy. Yep, it's a wild ride! Dare to get aboard?
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3 Responses to Enjoy Today . . . Before It Slips Away

  1. benschwensch says:

    Nice, warm and fuzzy review, touching in and of itself! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Joan Fullmer says:

    Thanks for the post Diann, I remember the tree house and the “greenie” wars, the canal, the horseback rides when you were teaching me so much. You were and are my hero. I even remember weeding the garden and it wasn’t my favorite but nowadays I actually enjoy it!

    • diannread says:

      Hi Joan! I deliberately didn’t mention the “greenie” wars but I definitely remember them. We had a lot of fun, all of us, didn’t we? I’m sorry we live so far apart now. Thank goodness for email! 😉

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