Some Ideas for Promoting Your Books This Year

This week I’m featuring a post by R. Clint Peters on The Book Reviewers Club.  Mr. Peters offers some great advice for all of us, which I certainly need to apply as I embark on the adventure of marketing and promoting my books.  But I didn’t want to keep these suggestions to myself, so here they are, with wishes for all of you for a successful 2013!  

Some Thoughts for a New Year, Posted by R. Clint Peters

by Blog Master

As everyone around me rushes around to make their New Year’s resolutions, I have been studying some of the posts I have made.  I have concluded there are several things to be resolved.

#1 — Blog a lot more.  And that isn’t directed only at me.

What does blogging actually do for members of The Book Reviewers Club?  It is advertizing.  The blogger is putting her or her name in front of potential readers, similar to buying an ad in the local newspaper.

Anyone who reads or subscribes to The Book Reviewers Club blog has the opportunity to submit his or her own personal blog, which will be posted here.  What does that mean to you?  First, it will be seen by over 1800 followers on Twitter.  Second, all who have subscribed to The Book Reviewers Club blog will see it.  Yes, 33 have asked to be informed whenever something is posted on the blog.

Let us do a little math.  If you submit a post to the blog five times in a month, it adds up to the possibility of over 9,000 people seeing your name.

What can you blog about?  There are hundreds of possibilities.  Having some problems getting your novel published?  Did you run into a brick wall on your latest novel?  Did you discover a brilliant blog elsewhere on the Internet, and would like everyone to now about it?

The key is to make your blog interesting, which will attract readers.  And be sure to include everything about you, all of your links, to allow your readers to find you.

#2 – Tweet a lot more.

The nice thing about tweeting is it extremely easy.  Go to your twitter account, and write a couple sentences.  If someone is watching their tweets page on twitter, they will see what you have tweeted.  Maybe they will actually do something with the tweet.

What is good to tweet?

As the blog master of The book Reviewers Club and the owner of @review_club (The Book Reviewers Club on Twitter), I tweet that the club is interested in interviewing authors.  The actual tweet is”  “Are you an Author?  The Book Reviewers Club would like to interview you.

If a new author has joined the club, the tweet might be:  “John Brown, the author of Mouldrin in the Grave, has joined The Book Reviewers Club.

For your own tweet, tell your followers that you have a biography on The Book Reviewers Club.  If you are a member of The Really Big Book Store, tell your followers that your novel is listed in the store’s catalogue.

The key to effective tweeting is consistency.  The Book Reviewers Club on Twitter has 1800 followers, but perhaps only five of those followers will see the tweet.

I suggest two resolutions for the members of The Book Reviewers Club for 2013:

Submit a blog post a minimum of once a month.  They do not take a great deal of time to compose, and have wonderful results.

Tweet a minimum of four times a day.  Send your followers to The Book Reviewers Club to look at your biography, or to check out a book review you have submitted.

The Book Reviewers Club and The Really Big Book Store are growing.  Take a few minutes and assist your bottom line.


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I'm a 23-year USAF veteran, wife of a NASA rocket scientist and martial artist, "mom" of four crazy cats, and author of military science fiction and YA military space fantasy. Yep, it's a wild ride! Dare to get aboard?
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2 Responses to Some Ideas for Promoting Your Books This Year

  1. Heidi Murphy says:

    I’m good at the blog posting (although Christmas vacation it’s been sparser) but the tweeting four times a day is rougher since I don’t own a cell. Yes, I’m a technological hermit most of the time.
    The other thing is, I haven’t yet figured out how to hook my blog key words into the giant river of keywords so they get googled. I picked a key word the other day and tried to google myself with it. In the thousands of sites, mine didn’t show up. I thought it was a pretty esoteric subject. So now I need to find out how to get my site looked at by more than the 101 people who already go there.

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